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Who’s Responsible For What?


You have the right to

  • Ask us to carry out repairs to the structure of the main building and the communal areas
  • Sell your lease or leave it in your will
  • Take in lodgers or rent out your property.

You are responsible for

  • Paying a service charge
  • Contributing a proportion of costs to some major works and improvements
  • Keeping to the terms of your lease, including being a good neighbours
  • Keeping the inside of your home in good repair. This includes glass in the windows, interior plastering, water pipes and other service pipes and cables.
  • Ensuring your gas appliances are checked regularly by a qualified professional (this keeps you safe, reduces the risk of your appliance breaking down, and helps them work more efficiently. Herefordshire Housing is able to carry out checks and service your boiler at a reasonable rate. If you are interested in  this service, please call our Gas Team on 0300 777 4321 or via our online form.

If you fail to keep up your responsibilities, you may lose your home.


We have the right to

  • Carry out repairs and improvements to the block communal areas.
  • charge you an appropriate proportion for major works and improvements
  • enter your property in certain circumstances to carry out emergency repairs (e.g. leaks).

We are responsible for

  • Keeping the structure and shared areas in good repair
  • Consulting with you over any works and improvements
  • Maintaining the structure of the building and the internal and external communal areas.