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What's the process?

To book a repair contact us here. Remember if you've neglected your home or caused deliberate damage, we'll charge for the cost of the repair. You can find out more about the repairs you are responsible for here.

Emergency repairs include loss of electricity (make sure it's not just tripped), water, gas or non-secure windows and external doors. If you have an emergency, please call us and choose the out of hours option.

If you smell gas, please call the TRANSCO 24 hour emergency line on 0800 111 999.

Extra bits of DIY?

From time to time you might need extra bits of DIY carried out, things that aren't covered by our repairs and maintenance. Handyperson+ is our pay as you go DIY service. To find out more click here

As a social landlord, we're responsible for making sure it's safe, weatherproof and secure. If you're a tenant we'll also make sure that the water, gas and electricity are working as they should. We also carry out annual safety checks, including:

  • Gas or Solid Fuel Service/Safety
  • Gas Installation Pipework (e.g. pipework to a cooker)

What to do when you can't get in...

If you can't access your property (due to lost keys or locking yourself out) you'll need to employ a locksmith to assist you. The choice of locksmith is your decision but here's our suggestion;

Able Locksmiths Web - Able247.co.uk 24/7 emergency call - 07787 575 410

Rates from £50 - Remember Herefordshire Housing will never pay any locksmith you employ or reimburse any costs incurred. 

Vulnerable Tenants / Domestic Violence Herefordshire Housing can provide a locksmith free of charge to vulnerable tenants or requests to change locks in cases of domestic violence. If you fall into this ​category please call 0300 777 4321.