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Cladding and your home

Wednesday’s devastating fire in London at Grenfell House has shocked everyone. Herefordshire Housing doesn't let any high rise blocks but it's raised questions over the use of external cladding. External cladding is often fitted to properties during refurbishment programmes.

In recent years we've undertaken extensive refurbishment work to customers’ homes. Some of this has included fitting External Wall Insulation (EWI). The External Wall insulation that has been fitted to all of our properties is different to that used on the Grenfell Tower.

  Grenfell Tower Herefordshire Housing stock
Cladding type Aluminium Composite Material  Insulation board finished by a render top coat
Type of homes 24 floor high rise Bungalows, houses, 2, 3 and 4 storey flats and Maisonette blocks

We undertake periodic inspections of all of our blocks of flats to ensure that the installed systems operate correctly. We also maintain an annual programme of fire prevention and protection works. 

As a reminder, where there are communal areas please keep them clear. If you have any concerns please contact us on the number below or Live Chat. We're here to help.

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