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Our partnership with Shropshire Housing Group

Everyone should have choice and access to high quality homes right? Since we began in 2002 this has been our goal, we exist for the people of Herefordshire and not for profit.

  • Everything we do from maintaining our homes through to constructing new ones is driven by a determination to deliver the very best
  • Across the border in Shropshire our neighbouring housing association (you've guessed it) Shropshire Housing Group are working in a similar way

Delivering our goal for everyone to have access to high quality homes requires; investment, skilled colleagues and the ability to deal with sector challenges. Both us and Shropshire Housing Group are in strong financial positions. There's no pressing need for us to consider working together, it's just that we can do even more! 

Why we've come together

Working together means we can combine the strengths of each group.

  • Generating savings - These could be invested back into our communities by either building new homes or improving and expanding our services
  • Having a stronger voice - We'd be bigger and stronger, we'd have more influence in the Marches region
  • Employing the best people - We'd be even more attractive and so could develop and retain the best people for the job
  • Training - We could offer enhanced training and development opportunities for customers
  • Strengthening our value for money - We could share resources like back office services

The important news for customers is that our partnership with Shropshire Housing Group doesn't mean there will be no new landlord. Many things like our contact details, name and the colleagues customers deal with on a day to day basis will remain the same. 

Latest news

On July 27th we merged with Shropshire Housing Group to form "Connexus". You can find out more about Connexus here;


A guide about our proposed partnership with Shropshire Housing Group can be seen below.  Alternatively if you'd just like to see the FAQs click here

Your feedback

Thank you for letting us know your views on the proposed merger. The period to submit your feedback closed on June the 2nd. The feedback submitted has been collected and presented to the Board and responded to on an individual basis. Broadly speaking the feedback dealt with concerns around 3 main areas. These areas and their responses are below; 

1.    The ability for the new group to deliver housing effectively
We plan to use any savings generated by the merger to build more new homes, and also to make it easier for customers of Herefordshire Housing, South Shropshire Housing Association and Meres & Mosses Housing to move between landlords should they wish to.

2.    Concerns around redundancies/changes to the team that customers currently deal with
We’re not looking to make any redundancies, however we will always review vacancies as they become available to determine if there are more efficient ways of delivering services.  This is in line with current practice at HHL. We also have no plans to make changes to the team who currently provide your services.

3.    Herefordshire Housing becoming the lesser partner in the proposed merger
The proposed merger between Herefordshire Housing and Shropshire Housing Group is a partnership of two equally sized organisations, both bringing individual strengths to the group and we have no plans to merge with any other organisations at this time.

Any questions about the proposed new partnership?

Any concerns about the proposed new partnership?

Comments about the proposed new partnership?

I think it'll be a good thing, if HHL believe it then we can trust them too.

Do the right Descision

If it carries on same as HHL now, it will be A1.
Will you please ensure people like myself, who have no access to anything online will still be able to contact HHL. I have been a tenant for over 55 years and it is becoming more and more difficult the larger you become.

Yes. I worry about the vastness of being part of something bigger than we are at present. As many larger companies have failed with the small company being swolled up.

Having just received my brochure on the subject of the merger, I can only conclude this is a box ticking exercise as the tenants will not have any say in the matter. If, as it is claimed, this partnership will "generate savings", spend these "savings" on new homes and stop frittering away OUR rent money on "expanding our services". Build more homes that people need, not rarely used exercise equipment, skate parks, job clubs or whatever the latest wheeze HHL can find to squander our money on.
  Hope this will be a positive partnership, only concern is l wouldnt want to loose my housing 

Would be nice to see more properties available.

Do you remember when Herefordshire was merged with Worcester? Herefordshire was treated like an underdog. 

This year a merge with Shropshire, next few years??

Finally will it be 1 huge W Midland Housing area?

Bigger is not better! More managers wanting higher salaries to reflect their status – less money for repairs – longer wait – unhappy tenants – low work force moral

At the moment we have a good relationship with HH it is like a family atmosphere will this remain with the family enlarging?


Everything sounds perfect, but if you are so financially strong, why we haven’t had any extension painting done, it has only been done once since I’ve been here and that’s 17 years.  

I wish the new partnership well. Hope everything goes as planned, is there any change of my wife having a visiting warden? Or someone we can chat to about some things?   
  My concern is that when a company amalgamates those at the top of pay scale are given a very generous pay increase, or if made redundant a very generous pay packet, whereas the lowest paid lose their jobs with the minimum payment in redundancy.   
I do not like the idea of going in with Shropshire, we have managed all these years. Being Hereford our great city.  My Concern would we be having the same team as we are having, with repairs, & other men to, in  If we have to go with a partnership, well be it. So hope everything will still be the same. As 
  having bin collected very good. Also office staff very helpful.  there will be three new partnerships, so will have to hope everything works out alright

I just hope it goes the way you need it to go & good luck!

As long as my rent ect doesn’t go up too much!  Hope it works out for all! 

Has there been a promise of improved funding by any government representative for a joint future building programme?

Partnerships do not always function smoothly- remember Hereford and Worcester of the 1970s?  Are there likely to be reductions in staff of either organisations? i.e redundancies? P.S what type of buildings will replace the existing prefabricated bungalows? 
It all sounds OK. 

As long as we still get our local repair team I will be OK. In the past when work on my home has been done I have been very happy with all of them.

My main question is ‘How will it improve our services’ My concern is about time wasting for repairs as I have raised today. Have reported a broken latch on main bedroom window. I’ve to wait 3 weeks for the repair which is a long time seeing as it would be a main escape root in case of energy or fire. 

I’ve always found bigger isn’t always better my concern is it will affect our services so we can only hope this does not happen.