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Service Updates

17/02/20 15:15 - Following the evacuation and emergency weather warning at Hinton today: Hinton Community Centre is open until 5pm, offering warm drinks and blankets to those affected. Call 01432 275755 to contact Hinton Community Centre. Putson Baptist Church is open all night for people who have left their homes.

17/02/20 08:25 - Residents in the St Martins Avenue, Wye Avenue, Hinton Road and Hinton Crescent areas are now asked to evacuate. A state of emergency has been declared. The Leisure Centre, Holmer Road is an emergency rest centre.

16/02/2020 17:15 - Following the serious flooding in Herefordshire and Shropshire over the weekend, our services are likely to be severely stretched on Monday. We will do our utmost to maintain services but clearly prioritising urgent calls. All our offices are expected to be open and services expected to be up and running as normal.

16/02/2020 09:30 - We're expecting disruption to our services due to heavy rain and flooding. There is a lot of surface water on the roads - please take care. In an emergency please call our Customer Service team, but please bear with us.

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