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Herefordshire Housing donate IT equipment to The Courtyard
Posted on: Thu 27th February, 2020

Connexus, of which Herefordshire Housing is a part, has donated computing equipment worth over £1000 to The Courtyard arts and theatre centre.

Posted on: Tue 30th July, 2019

Recent months have seen increasing numbers of stories in the local and national press about ‘county lines’ and ‘cuckooing’. But what exactly do they mean? And how do these issues affect our communities across Herefordshire?

Rural Housing Week - Job Club and the search for employment
Posted on: Fri 28th June, 2019

Our innovative Job Club service has expanded into more rural areas across Herefordshire, providing a supportive environment designed to help people back into employment.

Rural Housing Week - Helping local people into affordable housing
Posted on: Fri 28th June, 2019

The theme of this year’s Rural Housing Week is Building for rural communities. Here we use our Watling Close development in Canon Pyon as an example of the work Herefordshire Housing do to meet the specific needs of our rural communities while driving up housing supply.

Rural Housing Week 2019
Posted on: Fri 28th June, 2019

The National Housing Federation’s Rural Housing Week (1st – 5th July) shines a spotlight on successful rural developments, reinforcing the message that housing is vital for the survival of rural communities and services.

CIP Gardening Competition
Posted on: Tue 28th May, 2019

Do you have green fingers? Do neighbours gaze enviously at your marigolds? Enter our annual Gardening Competition for your chance to win a £25 shopping voucher.

Posted on: Wed 8th May, 2019

Together With Tenants is a groundbreaking new initiative from the National Housing Federation that aims to create stronger relationships and clearer communication b

Posted on: Wed 10th October, 2018

This Saturday (13th October) our colleagues, along with lots of other members of the community will be supporting the Hereford Community Clean Up Group, and tidying the area, known as the "Hereford

Posted on: Mon 1st October, 2018

We would like to remind and reassure you that calls from Voluntas are legitimate and that they are contacting you on our behalf.

An illustration of the noise app
Posted on: Thu 14th June, 2018

It's no fun when a neighbour keeps making loud, nuisance or offensive noise.


Tenant Consultation

Tenant Consultation

Posted on: Thu 14th November, 2019

Herefordshire Housing Limited (HHL) is considering converting to become a community benefit society. Currently, HHL is a charitable company registered with Companies House. 

A community benefit society is an alternative to a ‘company’ and is a structure specifically designed for organisations whose aim is to improve the communities it operates in, like Herefordshire Housing Ltd. 

We believe that this change will better reflect the activities that we do and help streamline governance within the group. 

We have a duty to consult with you on this matter and our Board will be taking your views into account before making a final decision. 

HHL will remain a charity and a registered provider of social housing registered with the Regulator of Social Housing. 

All Herefordshire Housing Limited tenants will be receiving a consultation letter within the next few weeks to explain the proposed changes, and how you can share views. 

Let us know your views and questions here

Frequently asked questions

Q: ​I am a leaseholder – will this affect me?

A: No. The terms of your lease and your statutory rights will remain the same, but your landlord will change to the new merged entity.

Q: Would conversion change who HHL houses?

A: No. As a charitable organisation, our lettings policy already ensures that we house people who are in genuine housing need, and this would not change after conversion to CBS status. 

Q: Will it affect repairs and maintenance to my property?

A: No. Your repairs will continue to be carried out in the same way as they are now. 

Q: What is the main advantage of the proposals?

A: We are proposing this change to allow us to be in a comparable position with other housing associations. It is happening across the social housing sector as landlords try to streamline processes. It will help us increase value for money, and protect funding for housing services.