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Stronger Together

Everyone should have choice and access to high quality homes right? Since we began in 2002 this has been our goal, we exist for the people of Herefordshire and not for profit. Everything we do from maintaining our homes through to constructing new ones is driven by a determination to deliver the very best. Across the border in Shropshire our neighbouring housing association (you've guessed it) Shropshire Housing Group are working in a similar way.

Delivering our goal for everyone to have access to high quality homes requires; investment, skilled colleagues and the ability to deal with sector challenges. Both us and Shropshire Housing Group are in strong financial positions. There's no pressing need for us to consider working together it's just that if we were, we could do more; 

  • Together we'd be in an even stronger position to deliver ambitious house building projects (like the multimillion pound Oval redevelopment in Hereford)
  • Together we would have larger teams for things like repairs.
  • Together we could support more services and give you more choice. 

No firm decisions have been made. If we do identify a clear business case to go forward we'd like to do so quickly and with the minimum disruption. For our customers we’d continue to be your landlord, a landlord that can just offer you more services. For our colleagues as you know we're certainly not doing this to reduce our services, we're doing it to grow them. Together we'll be stronger.

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