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Posted on: Wed 17th April, 2019

You can now register your interest in our affordable, new build two-bedroom flats at Brummie Stokes Court, which will be ready to let from June 2019.

Blackfriars Street
Posted on: Wed 6th March, 2019

The Blackfriars scheme will be made up of 31 affordable rent (HomePoint) apartments (22 for over 50s) and 20 for private rent (1 and 2 bedroom).

Bath Street Hereford
Posted on: Thu 21st February, 2019

It starting life as a Working Boys’ Home in 1877 and went on to become Herefordshire Council's registry office.

Posted on: Tue 5th February, 2019

Connexus, the group which looks after Herefordshire Housing, South Shropshire Housing Association and Meres and Mosses Housing Association have been shortlisted for 3 awards at the UK Housing Award

Posted on: Tue 1st May, 2018

The scheme will comprise of one and two-bedroom apartments, all 35 flats will be affordable rent. There will be a total of 26 parking spaces for the 23 two-bedroom and 12 one-bedroom apartments.

Posted on: Wed 18th April, 2018

The Oval Development represents a major multi-million pound programme of improvement and regeneration across an area that Includes Kilvert Road, Broxash Drive, Belmont Road and Beattie Avenue in Hereford. 

Beattie Avenue

Posted on: Wed 18th April, 2018

The decision has been taken to redevelop the prefabs on Beattie Avenue (story here). These prefabs weren't designed to last, the past 30 years have been a compromise between the costs of sustaining the properties vs the costs to redevelop them. The time when we need to consider the latter has come. 


​​How many properties are affected? 

41 properties to be decanted in total – 39 in Beattie Avenue and 2 on Hunderton Road. All of these properties are owned by Herefordshire Housing. 

Will there be any form of compensation? 

Yes, each household will be eligible for the statutory home loss payment of £6,100 in addition to this there will also be a disturbance allowance payment.

When will I receive my Home Loss payment?

You will receive your payment of £6,100 once you have made your final move into your permanent home. If you are moved into a temporary decant property, you will not get this payment until you have moved into your permanent home.  

How is the disturbance allowance paid?

This allowance covers any physical items such as curtains / blinds, flooring and decorating materials you require at your new home. It also covers any services such as removals and floor fitters etc. You have a maximum amount of £1,500 and if you chose one of our recognised suppliers we will organise this for you and pay the supplier direct. However if you would like to use a different supplier this is fine, all we would need is to see copies of the receipts so that we can reimburse you for the cost incurred.

What if I go over my allowance?

£1,500 is the maximum amount we can offer you, however if you would like to spend more than this allocated amount we will be able to facilitate this for you by deducting any extra payments from your home loss payment. 

What will the redevelopment look like? 

A planning application has been submitted and it is hoped that approval will be given during the summer of 2018. See the proposed site layout here.  Please note that this plan may be subject to change as it goes through the planning process.

How will new properties be allocated? 

Properties will be allocated as a priority to customers wishing to return to the area. Properties will be allocated on their housing need as per our allocation policy. If customers need a bungalow with easy access they'll certainly get one. 

How will the moving process work? 

Moving house can be challenging, if customers need full support moving we'll be there to assist. This includes Herefordshire Housing paying for removals, packing up services, new carpets/curtains/painting and the reconnection of utilities.

I'm in a bungalow now will I have to live in a flat?

No, unless you have specifically expressed an interest in moving to a flat.  We will seek to find you suitable alternative accommodation as per your housing need. We will always offer you a viewing at the property before you need to make any decisions. 

Do I need to register with Home Point?

No, Herefordshire Housing have already been in contact with Home Point and we will ask them to register your details onto their system.

How much support and help will you give me with the move?

Rob Pugh is your Customer Account Manager dedicated to the development project. We also have other colleagues at Herefordshire Housing on hand to assist you with your move as much as possible. Rob will be meeting you all individually over the coming months.  We have made a note of your household needs including any aids and adaptations, medical conditions and special requirements for your new property.  We also have a record of the areas you have highlighted you would be interested in potentially moving to.

Important dates

21/03/2017 Start of customer consultation period - Letter sent to affected customers notifying them of the redevelopment
28/03/2017 - 29/03/2017 Home visits to affected customers
12/04/2017 Consultation event at the Three Counties Hotel
September 2017 Planning submission
14th December 2017 Consultation event at the Three Counties Hotel detailing the plans we have submitted
Feb 2018

Planning Application submitted

Summer 2018 Planning Approval anticipated
Autumn 2018 Tender works & appoint contractor
Late 2018 to Summer 2020 Building works to be carried out in phases