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Posted on: Thu 20 December, 2018

Christmas is coming and so is the Herefordshire Housing rent free week. 

  • The rent free week starts on Monday the 24th of December

The usual stuff still applies though, it's not rent free if you're in arrears. If you're in arrears you still need to continue to make payments to reduce your debt.

If you have any questions our team are here to help, contact us here. Remember our opening times are... Read more

Posted on: Mon 23 July, 2018

Around a third of those eligible for Pension Credit are not claiming it and could be missing out on extra money each week, so it is worth checking if you could be entitled, and claim Pension Credit now.

At the moment, if you are a couple and one of you has reached Pension Credit age, you can make a claim for Pension Credit. But this is due to change soon – 'mixed age couples' will have to claim Universal Credit instead, which is much less generous.

If you do get Pension Credit... Read more

Posted on: Thu 21 June, 2018

In June we launched another option for people to apply for some of our properties, HomeHunt.

Prior to launch the only way to register and apply for social housing in Herefordshire was through the Herefordshire Council run system HomePoint. The majority of our homes will still be advertised through this system.

What is HomeHunt and how does it work?

HomeHunt, the new system isn't means tested. Anyone can register, but some landlords will have specifics relating to... Read more

Posted on: Mon 14 May, 2018

Universal Credit (UC) is the new benefit the Government is introducing for working age claimants. If either you or your partner are pensioners this change doesn't affect you.

UC is being rolled out in Herefordshire from 13th June 2018. This will mean that if you have to make a new claim for any of the benefits below you'll have to claim UC instead:... Read more

Posted on: Tue 13 February, 2018

If you're a Herefordshire Housing tenant your rent will change from 02/04/18. You should have received a letter from us confirming this.

... Read more
Posted on: Wed 13 December, 2017

So the Government's made a few changes to their plans to roll out Universal Credit in Herefordshire, mainly it's been delayed until June 2018.

Before June though, they'll be a change to the way single people looking for work can claim benefits. For a while now it's been Universal Credit, but from January 1st it's back to the old system of Job Seekers Allowance (until June when it'll be Universal Credit). Confusing but hopefully the below might help.

When the full service starts... Read more

Posted on: Thu 16 November, 2017

Winter is well under way and staying warm can be tricky, especially if finances are stretched.

There's schemes that can help reduce these bills and in some cases, offer help to paying for them. 

Herefordshire has a dedicated team  to help people understand all of the below and apply for certain schemes that they might be eligible for; The Keep Herefordshire Warm team. 

Contact them for free, on... Read more

Posted on: Fri 27 October, 2017

If you’re struggling to pay rent, please don’t bury your head in the sand - talk to us as soon as possible, we're here to help.

If you are finding it difficult to prioritise your rent because of;

  • A change in your circumstances
  • A budgeting problem
  • A cut in your wages... Read more
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