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Tenant Consultation
Posted on: Thu 14 November, 2019

Herefordshire Housing Limited (HHL) is considering converting to become a community benefit society. Currently, HHL is a charitable company registered with Companies House. 

Tenants inspect kitchen units at our Kitchen Supplier Day
Posted on: Tue 12 November, 2019

What makes a good kitchen? Is it durability? Appearance? We needed some help from our tenants to find out, so we invited a few of them along to our kitchen supplier day.

Annual Report 2018/19
Posted on: Wed 18 September, 2019

The good stuff and the things we need to improve.

Posted on: Mon 16 September, 2019
Do you have a tumble dryer? 
Whitestone Chapel, Withington - Development updates
Posted on: Wed 4 September, 2019

The latest updates on our Whitestone Chapel development in Withington.

Posted on: Wed 21 August, 2019

It starting life as a Working Boys’ Home in 1877 and went on to become Herefordshire Council's registry office.

Posted on: Wed 7 August, 2019

We continue to work hard to ensure we’re an efficient and effective organisation, delivering value for money services and investing in your homes. As part of this we are growing our Connexus brand

Posted on: Tue 30 July, 2019

Recent months have seen increasing numbers of stories in the local and national press about ‘county lines’ and ‘cuckooing’. But what exactly do they mean? And how do these issues affect our communities across Herefordshire?

Rural Housing Week - Job Club and the search for employment
Posted on: Fri 28 June, 2019

Our innovative Job Club service has expanded into more rural areas across Herefordshire, providing a supportive environment designed to help people back into employment.