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What should it be called?

Ship Inn Hereford

What should it be called?

It's been boarded up for years, but before its less glamorous state the Ship Inn was a great pub. Ex customers might remember Landlord; Alan Braithwaite.

Alan was responsible for helping to organise rugby matches between it and the Greyhound (near where Asda now stands). Many a happy memories were made here and probably a few soar head the next morning! The Ship Inn is soon to be demolished making way for 35 affordable rent properties. 

Boaty McBoatface Apartments?

The flats are unnamed so it's over to you to you for suggestions. Now there's a few things to note before we call it Boaty McBoatface Apartments. All roads and buildings in Herefordshire are required to comply with rules set down by the Council. Names need to;

  • Celebrate local history and in particular any that relate to the local area, these could be local people
  • Celebrate cultural diversity in Herefordshire
  • Recognise national and international noteworthy people
  • Strengthen neighbourhood identity
  • Recognise local wildlife

The winning entry will be chosen by a team of judges. These judges include ward members, someone from Herefordshire Housing, community members and members of the City Council. 

What happens if my entry is chosen? - Entries have now closed

If your submitted name is chosen, you'll get the kudos of naming a building and also winning a family film ticket for the Courtyard in Hereford. This would be for 4 tickets to a film – one ticket must be for a child. Entries close midday on August 14th.