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Moving House

If you need to move to something bigger or smaller you can do it through Home Point. Home Point will assess your current circumstances and advise you of your priority and the number of bedrooms you're entitled to. You can then start bidding on any matching properties. These properties are advertised each week on the Home Point website, our office at Legion Way and all Herefordshire Council offices. 

If you’re successful in bidding, we’ll need to carry out an inspection to check everything's in a good state of repair. In some cases – for example where there’s a lot of damage – we won't be able to make you an offer. In addition to having kept your home in a good state of repair you'll also need to have a clear rent account.

  • Click here for a guide on how tenants should leave their home.

Mutual exchanges

A mutual exchange is where you swap properties with another social housing tenant. Remember both you and the person you're swapping with will need to ask their landlord’s permission first. If you're looking for someone to swap with this website could help -

  • When you've found someone you’d like to exchange with, complete our application form - You can arrange for one of these to be sent to you by contacting our Customer Service Team.
  • Once we received your competed form we'll check to make sure that you've a clear rent account and owe no other money to us.  Once we've done this we'll contact you to arrange a property inspection and electrical check.
  • Once all the checks have been passed we'll discuss your moving date and complete the final stages of paperwork. 

You can find out more in our Mutual Exchanges leaflet

Top tips

  1. Research the area, it might be noisy at certain times of day
  2.  Find out what belongs to the tenant and what belongs to the landlord
  3. Consider the costs of making decor changes, how much will it cost to make the home more like your home?
  4.  Check the tenancy type
  5. Find out how much the rent is, it could be more it could be less than you're currently paying
  6. Neighbours. What are they like? Can you meet them?
  7. Condition - Inspect any white goods that will be staying
  8. Eligibility - Some homes have eligibility rules in place that you must meet in order to move in
  9. Occupancy requirements - Different landlords have different criteria, check them out to see how they differ
  10. How serious is the other swapper? Don’t make any major changes to your life until your swap has been approved and you’ve signed the paperwork

For a detailed top tips list cick here