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About leaseholds

Here's how it works

If you buy a flat or maisonette from Herefordshire Housing you become a leaseholder. This gives you, or anyone you sell the leasehold to, the right to live in your house for the length of the lease, which is usually set at a 125 years from the start date of the lease.

Although you own the lease, we own the land and the building in which your home is situated. This means we both have responsibility for looking after the property and surroundings, and you can find out more about who’s responsible for what here.

Our promise to leaseholders

  • To give you the same high standards of service as we give our tenants
  • To treat you fairly at all times
  • To respond to emergency repairs within 2 hours
  • To send you the bill for the previous year by 30th September every year

Leaseholder Documents