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Severe weather conditions

Our teams are responding to emergencies only.
What's affected?
All routine appointments are cancelled We're working to let people know but are experiencing extreme numbers of incoming emergency calls. We anticipate returning to normal service on Monday.

Across the weekend and out of normal hours

We are working across the weekend with an increased number of colleagues. Call outs will be for emergency calls only!
Emergency calls only Non emergencies can still be logged via phone next week. Or now by either emailing info@hhl.org.uk or via Facebook Messenger
Any of the following is classed as an emergency...
  • No heating at-all in the property
  • No hot water at-all in the property
  • No running water at-all in the property
  • Something like sections of your home failing and exposing you to the elements.
  • No electricity - If you're neighbours have no power too, chances are it's probably one for Western Power. Check with them here

If you have an emergency please call us - 0300 777 4321

If it's a threat to life always dial 999

Boiler not working? Maybe it's a frozen pipe, it could be an easy fix. Watch the video to see if you can fix it for yourself.