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No heating's no joke, use the troubleshooter to help.

meter image

1. Check the meter

​If you're on a prepayment meter is it displaying the right amount of credit? Sometimes they don't read the amount correctly. If it's a card meter, take the card out and put it in again, the same goes for key meters, take the key out and put it in again. 


thermostat set to cold

2. Too cold?

Chances are you won't have used your heating for a while. In the spring and in the summer you might have turned your thermostat down. Some rooms have their own thermostats. Turn them up to 25° and see if your heating starts to work.


valve set to open

3. How's the valves?

Those things at the bottom of the radiators are important! Turn them up to allow more water/oil to flow through. The higher the number the more they're open. You might have turned them down over the summer.


electronic heater controller clock

4. Check the setting on the clock

Power cuts, the kids or the clocks going fowards can stop your clock from working properly. If it's an electric one, check it's displaying the right time. If not change it and see how you get on. A quick Google of the make and model should bring up instructions. If it's a manual timer check the notches are in the right place.


boiler pressure guage

5. How's the pressure?

Check the gauge, usually on the front of your boiler. For most boilers this should be set around the 1 bar. The correct position is sometimes shown by a red indicator needle. You might be able to fix the problem yourself, check the manual or instructions on the boiler cover. If it needs tools give us a call



Still not working?

Sounds like it might be time to give us a call. Don't leave it until it gets colder. The sooner you call, the sooner we can book you an engineering appointment. 

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