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Your Feedback

It’s important for us to stay connected with you and make sure we hold the right information. You might receive a phone call from a company called Voluntas – researchers working on behalf of Herefordshire Housing to gather feedback about your opinions of Herefordshire Housing.

Each year, approximately 2,000 customers take part in our surveys. This information allows us to identify customers most at risk from changes to welfare reform, as well as helping us to better design and deliver our services.

You may be contacted if any of the following apply:

  • You recently moved in
  • You recently marked an anniversary of tenancy with us
  • You recently received a repair
  • You recently received an adaptation or improvement to you home

The key results of 2016 are shown below, with 2015’s results in brackets.

Subject Satisfied
Overall satisfaction 87% (86%)
Customer service (Connect) 96% (95%)
Lettings process 92% (94%)
Repairs 89% (87%)
Home improvements/adaptations 93% (93%)
Overall quality of homes 81% (81%)
Overall quality of neighbourhoods 79% (82%)

If you'd prefer not to be called by Voluntas, that’s fine too. Call us and let us know on 0300 777 4321 or complete our Anniversary Survey online:



We always welcome your views and comments on our services – good and not so good.  We learn from the feedback so that we can provide an even better service, and we’re always monitoring our performance. Please let us know how we’re doing – it’s important! For more information click here.

Want to make a complaint?

We have a detailed process to make sure we investigate your complaint thoroughly and put things right. Many complaints can be solved quickly. Others are more complex and take longer, but you can be sure we’ll be thorough, independent and keep you informed at all times. You can find out more detail about the process through our complaints leaflet, complaints policy and complaints procedure;  but the important first step is simply to let us know what’s wrong! All you need to do is get in touch – and you can do that by any of the ways on this page, or by telling your Neighbourhood Officer.

2016 - 2017 - Insights

Through customer feedback we're able to continually improve what we do. In 2016 - 2017 we received 66 complaints, 162 compliments and 372 comments. Thank you all for your feedback. By using all of this feedback we can easily identify key areas that need improving or highlight areas that are performing well. The table demonstrates the service areas that we have received feedback about.

  Compliments Comments Complaints  

Housing Services &


10 67 14 (4 x general, 2 x incomes, 1 x lettings, 7 x neighbourhoods)  
Property & Assets 145 296 47 (10 x improvements, 3 x facilities management, 2 x gas, 29 x repairs, 3 x voids)  
Resources 7 8 3 (3 x Customer Services)  
Independence Trust 0 1 2 (2 x general)  
  162 372 66 600

Some of what we’ve improved

Customer feedback has become an integral part of leadership meetings on a quarterly basis, areas of focus are identified in these areas and further investigation planned.

To assist our customers more quickly and effectively our Customer Service Team are part of a cross learning pathway; 

  • The focus is for the Customer Service team to fully understand operational areas of the business so they can offer the best advice and serve the customer more appropriately.
  • Recording and updating customer data to improve customer service – e.g. contact details, communication preference

Working to ensure our repairs appointments are kept

  • Customer feedback highlighted issues with our repair appointments being cancelled - To address this, our teams have increased the resources available, adopted a more flexible approach to colleague resource across the department, whilst improving the systems and procedures in place to ensure our appointments are kept. Colleagues have also received extra training to make sure that the essential role of Works Planner is always manned in colleague absence.

Concerns with regards our neighbourhoods

  • Our Housing Team has undergone a restructure and colleagues are now able to better serve the community, by working within the community.

Thank you for your feedback, it's really valuable to us and helps us to shape and improve what we do. Here’s to another 12 months.