Herefordshire Housing

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This is what we do

Herefordshire Housing provides homes to people across Herefordshire, managing and maintaining over 5800 homes. We are a not for profit housing association that aims to support and challenge individuals, families and communities to achieve their potential for sustainable wellbeing and independence.

    We focus on three key areas:

    People. We’re committed to helping people take a full part in the world and enjoy a rich and fulfilling life – both in their own homes and in the wider community.

    Homes.  We’re a social landlord. Our aim is to create and maintain homes people enjoy and want to live in.

    Community. We aim to create communities that people feel safe in, feel inspired by, and want to contribute to.

    For more information about our performance across our business this year please click here.

    Herefordshire Housing is part of the Herefordshire Hosuing Group. This group includes Herefordshire Housing Ltd and Independence Trust. To visit the group site click here.

    Quality choices for communities

    As a responsible social landlord, we believe that everyone should have access to high quality services and support.  We take care to understand what our customers want, and to develop services which meet their needs.

    Herefordshire Housing is one of the UK’s best performing housing associations, with a reputation for quality work. Many of our services are recognised nationally as examples of best practice.

    Our vision and values

    Everyone should have choice and access to high quality homes, services and support which meet their needs, and which help and encourage them to achieve their goals and ambitions.  We work together – with our customers and colleagues to deliver this. 

    Our key philosophy is to work closely with customers to understand their needs, so we can deliver the services they want. We achieve this by:

    Listening to and involving them, ensuring our services are relevant and support their independence, development and growth. Supporting each other to make sure our services set the highest standards, and continually exceed expectations.

    We have four key values:

    We RESPECT the individuality of our colleagues and customers and tailor our approach to reflect their different needs

    We INVOLVE people in service developments and delivery, so we understand what’s wanted. This helps make sure our services are more relevant and responsive

    We SUPPORT each other, always deliver our promises and take pride in our work and outcomes

    We EXCEED expectation by always doing what we say, and always looking to add value by doing even more.

    Taking the first letter from each word (Respect, Involve, Support, Exceed), we call these our RISE values – because they help us constantly raise standards, rise to challenges and improve as an organisation. These values are ingrained within our culture, and have helped establish us as one of the UK’s fastest improving housing associations, with an ever expanding range of services aimed at enhancing well-being and quality of life