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Herefordshire Housing provides homes to people across Herefordshire, managing and maintaining over 5800 homes. We are a not for profit housing association that aims to support and challenge individuals, families and communities to achieve their potential for sustainable wellbeing and independence.

Housing is part of Connexus. To find out more about Connexus and access documents like Herefordshire Housing Annual Reports click here

Our values

We are all connected by common values and a commitment to learning, improving and growing. Most of all, we are focussed on having a positive impact on local lives. This is reflected in our key PRIDE values:

We are PASSIONATE -  We care deeply about our work and our customers, and take pride in serving people and communities. This shows in our energy, enthusiasm and commitment to going the extra mile, and to building for the future.

We are RESPECTFUL -  We deal with people of all ages, all backgrounds, all needs and requirements and we treat everyone fairly, considerately and as equals.

We are INVOLVING - We develop services for people, making sure we listen to what they need and involve them all the way. We learn from our experiences and always look to grow and develop together.

We are DETERMINED - When we start something, we see it through. We’re decisive, focussed, tenacious and work around challenges to find the best outcome.

We are EFFECTIVE - We aim to get it right first time and to do the simple things well, because that sets the standard and everything else follows. We deliver.