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Our proposed partnership with Shropshire Housing Group

Everyone should have choice and access to high quality homes right? Since we began in 2002 this has been our goal, we exist for the people of Herefordshire and not for profit. Everything we do from maintaining our homes through to constructing new ones is driven by a determination to deliver the very best. Across the border in Shropshire our neighbouring housing association (you've guessed it) Shropshire Housing Group are working in a similar way.

Delivering our goal for everyone to have access to high quality homes requires; investment, skilled colleagues and the ability to deal with sector challenges. Both us and Shropshire Housing Group are in strong financial positions. There's no pressing need for us to consider working together it's just that if we were, we could do even more! 

We could combine the strengths of each existing group and become stronger together, particularly;

  • Generate savings that we can invest back into our communities by either building new homes or improving and expanding our services
  • Have a stronger voice and influence in the Marches region
  • Attract, develop and retain the best people for the job
  • Enhance training and development opportunities for customers
  • Strengthen our value for money by sharing back office services

The important news for customers is that if we do partner with Shropshire Housing Group there will be no new landlord. Many things like our contact details, name and the colleagues customers deal with on a day to day basis will remain the same. 

Latest news

We aim to go live with the new group structure on July 1st 2017. As you can imagine there's lots of things that need to happen before this date so if you'd like to stay up to date with the latest developments "like" to follow us on Facebook.  


A guide about our proposed partnership with Shropshire Housing Group can be seen below.  Alternatively if you'd just like to see the FAQs click here

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Your views are really important to us and we’d love to know what you think about these proposals. If you have any questions or concerns just complete the form below. Remember you'll need to complete this before Friday June 2nd 2017.