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Simple tech training

There's a lot of information to understand when it comes to technology. Thankfully our Tech Tutor service is here to help. From learning how to send email through to transferring contacts from your old phone, our trained tutors will help you understand how to do it. 

What's covered?

Our Tech Tutors can cover the following;

  • Using tablet computers, Android / IOS devices 
  • Using laptop computers Mac and Windows 
  • How to connect your device to the Internet
  • How to transfer your address book
  • How to generally get up and running

How does it work?

Our Tech Tutors are available from 9:00 - 4:30 at the Learning Box in Hereford (near the Fire Station). Once booked, simply arrange a convenient time with the team. Tutorials last for an hour and cost £15 each hour.


  • Please pay using the Pay Pal link below (you don't need a Pay Pal account just a credit or debit card).
  • Once payment is complete contact the team to arrange your appointment. All you'll need is the Pay Pal account name used for the purchase. 
  • If you're buying this as a gift for someone they'll just need to know your PayPal username for when they contact us. 



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